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Why would I carry emotions around for someone that cant have them back for me? 
How could I want to give love like a resource you'd never put back into me?
Why would I want to scream out bloody murder in agony?
 Why am I so weak I'd fall to my knees, losing grip of all sanity?
Why would I trust that you'd be safe to have around?
Why would you think I'd not notice your apathy?
Why would you think I'd settle for a fake reality? 
So I wanted to be loved, so I loved you.
I wanted to be trusted, so I found trust inside of you.
I was seeking truth, I was seeking the light. 
I went looking for sunshine in the darkest of knights. 
I pushed through the fear that you'd just break my heart. 
I ignored the signs that said you weren't here for love.
That you're wasting my time, that you don't know my soul, you were faking it all. 
I kept loving you back. 
I always do that, ..its all that I know. 
I take it all back, before it is the death of me.
I'm cutting my losses,
Before they cut right through me.


  • Nov 04, 2019

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