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Sub Category : Fantasy
Hi I'm kit Kat Nick name is kit or 14 years old.ive spent 5 years in China my parents and I moved to Canada.i have a feeling that I should tell you my story? Alright if it makes you comfortable..

Kit Kat we better get on the school bus it's our first day.said mia.alright I'll be there soon.kit Kat said.kit Kat and Mia walked as fast as they could to the they got there they took a seat at seat 11 out of 29 seats.oh so looks like we have some nerds on the bus do we Layla? Said a girl.the girl looked very popular.oh yes summer we do.said the girl beside her.HEY leave my friend alone she's new her- Mia was interrupted by the girls.we don't care we care about both of you! The bus had already stopped at our school but didn't open the door yet.everyone I have rules to tell you! Said the bus driver.the girls were talking to some boys i think are popular but I never even cared.after the rules everyone ran to class except Mia.she had to get to the nurse about her medication she always takes it every hour.At recess everyone was told not to go in the forest and the black top.hmm they wouldn't mind if I take a peek of the forest right? I said.i was going in the forest,it was creepy but over all it was beautiful when I saw it.a bush was shaking I looked directly at it.hello who's there? I said stopped.i looked inside the bush.i saw a note and a necklace.the note said...dear forest owner I welcome you to the forest the necklace is a dark matter it will protect and defend the own this us from the dark power that cursed innocent animals,now the animals come to kill who ever they see.we want you to save the forest.i have a fox that will look for you to show you how to use the necklace.and I put on the necklace nothing really happend the second I put it on.but reccess was over I headed back to my teacher.i had early dismissal because of my party I was going to set was for my pet dog Leo.i have 4 pets Leo the dog,cream the cat,hidy the puppy and glimmer the pets never fight because we adopted them when they where born so they get along parents took Leo to some pet hotel.hey kat I'ma take you to the park how about that? My mom mom looked like she was crying she was dad took Leo to the pet hotel I don't know what it is but I hope it's not what I think it is.

To be continued in book 2! :3


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