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On October 30th, 2019 around 4pm, Harry was leaving a Manhattan casino and was approached by three wise guys in the parking lot out of nowhere, all of them dressed in black. Tony, the head honcho was built and stood about 6 ft. 2 in. with black hair and a black mustache. The other, Danny, was short, chunky and bald. The third, Christopher was in his younger twenties with dark hair, clean cut and a cocky attitude. “Hey, hey, hey, well what do ya know, it’s Harry Bohr!” Tony exclaimed surprisingly, but in a sarcastic matter. Smiling from ear to ear as the other two men stood behind him, arms crossed in front of their chests. “Where ya been you slimy little fucker?” Harry went to make a run for it and Christopher chased him down, snagging him up by the collar of his jacket, then slamming him up against a parked truck.

“You ain’t going nowhere you slimy fuck!” Christopher said, punching him dead in the stomach and knocking the wind right out of the 150 pound man.

“So, where ya been, Harry?” Tony questioned, as he straightened his tie. Harry stood there, knelt over as he held his stomach from the blow. He knew he’d screwed up bigtime and these people were no one to mess with. 

“Come on, let’s go for a ride, Harry! Grab this piece of shit and take him to the car.” Tony demanded to the other two men. The two others snagged him up, one on each side and walked to the end of the parking lot where they escorted him into the backseat of the Caddy. Tony got into the driver's side, then Danny entered the passanger side and Christopher sat in the back with Harry. The engine started and off they went.

They drove through Manhattan, into the Holland Tunnel and through Jersey City. They drove for a good hour and fifteen minutes into rural New Jersey and finally pulled off the roadway, driving west onto a trail of rutted mud that cut through the wooded area. The Autumn sunlight crept through the nearly nude branches with very few hues of reds and oranges, most of them covering the damp, ground completely. Finally, they pulled up to a small, log cabin in an open area with an old swing on the front porch. Tony pulled up around the back of the cabin where a pond sat with a wooden dock and an old canoe tied up to it. The cool and crispy air came with a breeze that rippled across the surface of the pond. Surrounded by tall oaks and many pines, the place appeared to be a hunting or fishing camp that was abandoned for years and secluded for several miles. If one in danger were to screech to the top of their lungs for help, no one would hear them nor find them for days, if not months.

Tony shut the engine off. "Ready boys?" He asked. "Get this dirt bag out of my car!" All the doors open and all four men get out. Harry begins to tear up as beads of sweat cover his forehead, feeling a lump in his throat. He begins to weep hysterically.


"You meant to what, mother fucker?" Christopher interrupted. Then hauling off and punching Harry in the stomach, once again! All three men circling around him with smirks on their faces.

The Danny chimes in "GET UP YOU FILTHY PIECE OF SHIT!" Then grabs him by the back of his jacket and pulls him up. 

"Let's go for a little walk, Harry!" Tony insists, the other two men snag him up and escort him down to the pond. The sound of a crow flying above is the only sound to accompany the breeze in the air. They walk out onto the dock and Tony pulls his nine millimeter from his holster. "NOW SHOW US YOUR LITTLE PECKER AND STRIP DOWN! He demands with the gun pointed at Harry's head, close range.

Shaking like a leaf and weeping just as hysterically, Harry begins to stutter, "Tone-Tone-no, it's cold-cold-cold out here! Please Tone, I'll give you the money, okay? I swear if you take me ba-back into the city, I'll ga-get your money, man, PLEASE! 

Tony looks at Danny and chuckles " you see, Danny, he said he'll get us the money?!?!" Then the other guys laugh along with him. He fixes his tie, pulls a cigar and zippo from his pocket then lights it up. He takes a drag off his Garcia Vega, aims the gun a few inches from his head and fires the gun, purposely missing the target. 

The guy shrieks! "OKAY, OKAY, OKAY, I'M TAKING THEM OFF, TONY, PLEASE DON'T SHOOT! I HAVE TWO KIDS, TONY, P-PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!" He begs, shaking so badly and urinating himself in the process.

"Well, you should have thought about that before you   tried to beat us for $127,000, you fuck!" Christopher said, with his deep Jersey accent. The man finally got undressed and stood at the end of the dock, pleading for his life as the wise guys laughed and joked about what was going to happen next.

"Who wants the honor of sending this scumbag to hell?" Tony questioned the other two men? "How about you, Christopher, our newest and youngest member to the family. 

"I got this, Tone." He replied. And when he went to grab his glock and fire, Danny beat him to it. 

                      (THE GUN FIRES)

Harry was hit right in between the eyes, falling backwards into the pond. "Now that's how you get rid of scumsuckers like that, newbie!" Danny told Christopher. The mans lifeless body lay in the pond then sunk to the bottom a few seconds later.


  • Nov 03, 2019

  • Hello holly Hancock the story that I have just read is very exquisite. I like the fact that you included detail and making sense and you're writing of a story. The title that's called a crime scene got me very interested in this story. And I'm also impressed I don't really get into books that much but however after looking at the title that's called a crime scene it caught my attention I'm impressed very impressed keep up the good work.

    Nov 03, 2019

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