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Inside the walls of heavy pain
Physically stranded or mentally trapped 
It’s a brutal challenge of confinement 
Seemingly impossible to break the chain

Countless people have been victims
We’re not talking prisons or the like 
Mental anguish and home abuse 
Are the issues we want to strike 

The walls that hold them have open doors
The force that keeps them 
Are fears and flaws 

There are the keys to go freely 
But the fear from within 
Or the captors bold sin
Can caution the wish to break free

Many people have tried it
Some with success -some faced regress 
All with courage instilled 
Some sadly- brutally killed

The effort itself evokes bravery 
The motivation being desperation
Some say “give them credit for trying “
Ignoring the fear of  some dying

It’s easy to be on the outside 
From the terror that exists on the inside 
It’s easy to offer advice
But we don’t have to pay the same price 

I leave it to the experts whoever they may are
The answers may be individual 
Each a separate case 
The victims search for one they feel 
They can reluctantly embrace 

It’s an agonizing issue - 
A stain on the human condition 
I see no answer in sight 
Perhaps raising our children up “right “



  • Nov 03, 2019

  • Martine LAFERE

    Martine LAFERE

    Nice poem...

    Nov 04, 2019

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