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“ It is always around, nothing I do, nothing I try ever stops it. It has been around my whole life. I first rember it when I was a child, a young child. I went to a supposedly haunted house, my friend were smart, they stayed behind. When I went in, it stood there watching. Often I would get in trouble at school because it want me to do something, I always did it because it would kill me if I didn’t. The worse decisions I ever made was defining him.  Deciding not to listen. I knew he would try to kill me but I thought I was ready. The day it came for me, I was having a good day. It had been a nice fall day, the trees were golden brown. The nigh slowly dance in and the breeze sang to me. The peace was soon broken by my mother. She screamed, I heard a plate drop. My heart died, my thought proces was compromised by the shock. It had come now, had it come for my family.  I jumped out of the room and ran to the balcony. My mother stared at me and started to laugh. I had no idea why, this was no joke, she was mocking me. She shook her head and pointed at a small mouse running across our floor. I turned red with anger and stormed back to my room. I slammed the door and locked it behind me. Falling to the floor I started to cry. The last of light creeped toward me. I look up at my ceiling and sighed. I didn’t even see that the ligh was now coming up my leg. I felt it’s ice hand grab my leg, looking down I could see it’s long tail curled around my leg. Soon a long thin hand came from my window and stabbed my stomach. My whole body shook and the world went black. I felt a tingle run up my body, a cold grasp. My breath was taken from me. Then I heard it, chuckling softly. The world seemed to spin and only stopped when I heard the war raping scream of my sister. A scream that would haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. Then I heard three gun shots. Bang! A few seconds went by. Bang bang! A horrible ripping sound followed not two seconds after. The world started to spin once again. My breath returned and the cold turned to a burning heat. The my breath slowly started to return. Opening my eyes I held my breath. I was tucked in bed, a water glass peacefully sat next to me. My door still locked. My window closed. A smile came over my face. I couldn’t help it. Slowly I got up and put my feet on the soft ground. It was wet, I reach down and touch to ground. It was wet and sticky, when I pick up my hand I could see the slightl hint of red. My breath fleeted again and I felt as if I were falling. I was able to stumble to the door. I felt the cold nob. Twisting it did nothing. I started to cry, then realizing it was locked I unlocked it. I almost fell into the hallway. The first thing I saw was my mother. Her lifeless hand pointing at my door. Her eyes were sad, her faces showed terror. Blood was spilled around her head, which was now in two parts. Blood dance down the hall leading to the next chapter of  the story. My father. He was sat up on the wall, his eyes were closed. I counted three gun shots. One through his knee, on on his shoulder, one righ through his head. His hand were folded neatly in his lap. His face was red, blood dripping down his ears. A creak came from down the hall, my sisters room was calling. The door swinging slowly. My feet felt like they were a hundred   pounds. I push the door and it came off its hinges. Just avoiding being crushed I stepped into her room. Nothing, beside the door my sisters room was clean. Cleaner than normal. I though that maybe she had got away. Then I look to the balcony. I slowly stepped towards it, my heart felt like ice. I looked over to see nothing, nothing except the sliding glass door, it had been flung open. My sister had escaped, she had run away. I ran down the stairs and almost died. There she was, my baby sister. She was hanging above a table, blood dropped from her neck, bone had broken the skin. Her hands had been pierced with fish hooks and strung up to make it look like she was dancing. All her dolls under her, having a tea party, drinking her blood and eating her amputated feet. She was almost completely white, all her blood seemed to now be one the floor. I felt a cold wind blow my hair to the side. It was close. I ran into the basement to get the gun. When traveling down the stairs I felt a hand reach out and grab my foot. I fell half way down the stairs, when I reach the bottom I layed on the floor for a while before being able to gather my strength and move. Feeling the back of my head I could tell I had a concussion at least. I ran as fast as I could in the state I was in,to my fathers gun safe. Quickly I put in the combination. The safe hissed as it opened. A small pile of dust was all that was there. Frantically I ran around trying to find the gun when I happened to look out the window. There the gun was, taunting me. I ran to the desk near the window to try and get to the gun. I looked at mirror to see it. Behind me with a cold smile. It’s long icy claws hovering around my neck. It’s hugely exaggerated eyes wide and blaring. It’s leather wings stretched out. It grasped my next and squeezed. It dug it’s horn into my back. I kick but it was no use. I started to loss control of my hands and could see them starting to fall. On the desk was a old letter opener. With one final push I was able to get ahold of it. Thrusting my hands back into its eye. It lets go and started to fall to the floor. The blood curtailing scream pierce the air. As it went down it reached its bone hand out to me and slashed my throat l. I felt unconscious on the floor.  I don’t rember anything after that. Doc, doc you have to believe me, it’s still out there. It’s gonna kill me, it killed my family. I didn’t do it. Please believe me!” Kevin pleaded. The Hospital therapist shook her head. “ Kevin, Kevin I’m gonna up your doses alright.” She looked at him. She motioned from the guards to take him back. As they did Kevin struggled like always. “ Damn you, when I die it’s gonna come for you!” He shouted, like he did every day. She looked down at her notes “ Same as always, wow, 40 years and he still has the same story. Amazing.”
She had been seeing Kevin since he was 14. She really did feel for him, yes he was completely insane, but he was really afraid of it.

She grabbed her bag. Long nights like these were not uncommon. She through the remaining papers in her bag and left. As she walked down the halls she felt weird. The halls were just a little more uneasy than usual, a little more, well cold. She turned the corner it go out the door when she found Kevin. His wrist cut. Next to him two dead guards. Both with the necks broke. His hand cuffs broke as well. She step over the corpses, went to the front office, picked up the phone, dialed 911” Hello, I would like to report a murder.”


  • Nov 03, 2019

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