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Hello, I'm Paris, this is a story on how I got famous at age 17!

Chapter one

I stood there. Confused. Not knowing what to do. I decided to ask someone for help. I reached my arm out and tapped a blonde girl. "Excuse me?" I said.
She turned around majestically and smiled. 'God, she is cute!' I thought.
I smiled back and asked for her to show me around. She agreed and started to show me the rooftop, cafeteria, and the whole school. I thought it was really sweet that she took her own time to show ME around. After the tour I thanked her and she showed me to her group of friends.
"Nella, Phoebe, Ria, this is Paris! Welcome her to our friend group!" Squealed the hot blonde girl. "What's your name by the way?" I asked with a sheepish face.
"Oh my gosh! Sorry! I'm Xanthe. Haha." Xanthe blushed and twiddled her long hair.
I definitely had a crush on her already! 

Xanthe walked me to class and we had a great conversation! She then invited me to her house for a sleep over, I agreed and I realised I had no clue on her age!
"If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? I'm 15." I asked awkwardly.
She smiled and mumbled "

Finally school was over and I was stunned house. It felt warm, cozy and it was pretty small, but that just made it more cozy!
We had lots of fun! She got her followers to decide what we do for truth or dare.
One of her followers said we HAD to make out! She giggled nervouskg as I leaned forward. She slowly closed her eyes and the process had begun! 'OMG! I'M IN HEAVEN!' I thought. We kissed passionately for at least 3 minutes before we heard a knock on the door. We panicked and moved away from each other in a hurry. I didn't want to stop and neither did she. The door slowly creecked open and revealed Xanthe's mum. God danm it! 

Chapter two 
Truth or dare


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