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This is an old party game popular on TV
Identical with the one in in life 
That you don’t change the channel to see

The rules are basically the same 
The stakes of course much higher 
Whether you’re telling the truth or being an occasional lier 

Untruths come in different sizes
There are “fibs”-white lies “ considered 
small and many leading to great damage 

In reality do we pay when  we make our
selection in either direction 
Being revealed in your action 
Can cause an embarrassing reaction

Discovery of  honesty as they hear what you say
Gives you a positive reputation 
That people believe is your  way

Payment may also be silent if truth is hidden from all
We have a judge called conscience 
To guide us from a fall

Being accepted for your truthfulness
has it’s own rewards 
Taking great pride in your character
With great feelings happily stored

There are ways to get around the lies
If you focus on deceit 
The energy you use  for this- is wasted in defeat 
For in someway you’ll have to pay 
Before your judges seat


  • Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    i live near by this city

    Nov 03, 2019

  • Nov 03, 2019

  • Nov 03, 2019

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