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Highschool. People say it's a horrible place. Is it really? Whileat Emma was in her freshman year of high school. She believed what people said. High school for her was a horrible place. It wasn't necessarily the place it was the people. All through freshman year Emma was bullied. She was bullied for her looks and the birthmark on her forehead. People called her Harry Potter. Although she didn't have magical powers. She wished she did to get away from this place, to disappear. People with push her in the lockers. Call her names. While she was growing up she didn't come from the most wealthy family. She abused by her father and nobody ever thought she good enough. So she began to wonder. Why am I here? If my father can hurt me who else will? She was suicidal but didn't know it. People who are suicidal think it's the only option. They don't have anyone to turn to. They don't want to admit what's going on because they're afraid someone will judge them. That's how Emma thought until she met her. While Emma was walking through the halls with her down. This person came up to her and asked,      " Are you okay." Emma didn't respond. Instead she ran into the bathroom. That was her safe place. This person followed her into the bathroom to see Emma using a razor to cut herself. This knew she needed help so she quickly took the razor and threw it into the nearest trash can and they went to the guidance counselor. Emma and this person stayed friends all through high School. This person was me except it was in middle School. I helped Emma through a really tough time and you can do the same. So if you feel someone is hurt go with your gut and asked them if they're okay. Don't let them suffer alone.


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    Nov 03, 2019

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    Nov 03, 2019

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