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Is there a road to nowhere 
I’ve never seen it anywhere 
If “ nowhere”translates -“nothing”
Hoe could it rally be there

Perhaps it just means nothing 
A sign of great frustration 
A blank in life that causes strife 
An empty-filled sensation 

If used that way - I can easily say 
I’ve been on that road before 
The ride’s no fun-I’d rather run
And turn the other way

In the physical world it doesn’t exist
But in thoughts and fears it can
A psychological store of emotions 
Its pain we  strive to ban

So yes it’s true- it does exist 
In our mental world within
In times of stress it can persist 
With a feeling of chagrin

Though not physical it is visible 
In matters of the mind
It is a reality of life’s finality 
With solutions we must find

To clear the confusion its a mental illusion  
For those who face concerns 
A formidable task with help advised
Back to a life well earned 


  • Nov 02, 2019

  • Nov 02, 2019

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