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"Christy!" My mum screams as my best friend scrubs her bouquet, made of lillies and roses, ruthlessly on my groom's face.

Thing is, he's severely allergic to roses.

You got it, it's my wedding day.

Why my friend's gone crazy? I'd tell you, but what's the fun in that?

You'll hear the story from the start and you'll understand why what Christy did was reasonable.

Childish, but reasonable.

Now, I'm Mystique Paris Watson, age-32, but the most noteworthy event in my life happened back then when I was 20, and yes, it plays a major part in why my maid of honour is dead set on sending my groom to the ER.

Patience, folks.

I promise, it's worth it.


  • good job

    Nov 02, 2019

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