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Three words pointed out to me
Became a renaissance for my creativity 
With all my years of writing 
Making each day more exciting 
I so completely missed 
The hidden gem that does exist

Regardless of the reason 
We excercise our need
We’re locked into a message 
That we and others read

As that piece is being developed 
Our focus is totally enveloped 
And from our chair
We are in the moment-There!

To me it is astounding 
It adds so much in depth 
I’m transformed into what I write 
So easy to acccept

I’ve got a new perspective 
On the impact I’ve been given 
Better than virtual reality
My motivation’s more driven

From now until my writing ends
I’ll remember these three words 
And what this  magical concept sends
Until now I never heard

However readers do respond 
When they read my poetry
My writing gift has been enriched  
I call “The Miracle Three”

The other definition that really works for me 
“Being There “ so simply put  
A jewel I did not see  
They wil always be there before I write 
For they mean so much to me 



  • very perspective

    Nov 02, 2019

  • Nov 02, 2019

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