Mystic Creatures: War Of The Angels- Death Of A King Read Count : 81

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Bussel and hussel went on in the town Ace and Hazel stayed in for the night. A loud crash woke them both, awkward silence filled the room. Hazel covered up with the lose sheets of the bed, Ace looked away; blushing. Hazel panicked inside her head,
"Did he see!?"

After getting dressed and sorting everything the two left. They stopped by a little fruit stand. They bought some apples, oranges, grapes, and peaches. Ace overheard an old couple talking about the king.

"Sir, ma'am." Asked Ace," sorry to add myself in, but you said King of Gods was murdered?"
"Yus." Answered the old lady.
"Evybody says an angel killed the king," added the old man.
"Angel?" Ace questioned.
"Dark Angel?" Hazel butted in.
"Thank you, here's a dozen grapes for your help," Hazel handed them the grapes and left; taking Ace, "let's go A-ace."

"Our first clue!" Ace whispered in excitement, "let's go!"

Ace and Hazel raced to the town beyond a cavren. They went around talking to the townfolks, asking about the murderer and who is taking the place of the King.

"This is what we got so far," Ace started, "the murderer is part of a coalition."
"Dark Phoenix Angels," Hazel added.
"And they've been causing problems with the entire kingdom." Ace finished. Hazel and Ace continued beyond the town to the next one. "I hate forests." Ace commented, sneezing. Hazel chuckled.

Ace talked to some townfolks while Hazel went and got a room.

"I got the name of the person taking the King of Gods throne." Ace said setting up his sleeping bag.
"Who?" Hazel asked setting up her bed.
"A girl." Ace asked turning the lights off and going to sleep.
"What's her name," Hazel waited for response. "Hello, Elon?" No response except for snoring. She rolled her eyes and fell asleep.

Hazel woke up sweating. She covered up with sheets and leaned over to see if Ace was still on the floor. He wasn't. She got worried, looked around. A loud explosion came from outside. Hazel quickly looked out the window, she covered her mouth. Ace was pierced through the chest. Angels if dark and light flying around killing each other,
"Kill the all! King of Angels is dead! Let the darkness take over!" Yelled Jackson putting on a crown. "Stake Queen Kenzie next to the fool! Then go after her!"
Hazel quickly got dressed and left. Dark Angels chased her out of town, miles frok it. She tripped, landing on her side. She started shaking and screaming; Jackson appeared and went to kill her.

"Ahh!" Hazel screamed waking up suddenly. She looked around, saw Ace on the ground sleeping. Hazel never went back to sleep, she waited til morning to tell Ace her dream. "We've got to go to the castle to protect Kenzie!" Hazel panicked grabbing Ace and leaving the hotel.

"I saw it in my dream, nightmare more like it! But we have to protect her!" Hazel knocked on the castles door, "a war is about to happen. And its not pretty."
"You said Kenzie right?" Ace asked nervously. Hazel nodded her head. Ace sighed.

Door opened,
"Queen Kenzie is expecting you master Ace," said the stooge calmly escorting them to her.
"Master?" Hazel whispered.
"Me and the queen might have had a relationship in the past." Ace answered.
"She was a normal person until the King chose her to marry his son." Ace answered.

They saw her sitting on the throne of her deceased stepdad.

"Madam, Master Ace is here."

She opened her eyes and smiled. She signaled the stooge to escort Hazel out the room to her bedroom.

"Ace." Kenzie said sickly.
"Kenzie." Ace answered back in a snob tone.


  • Nov 08, 2019

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