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Color is the definitive answer 
Without the shades and the hues
It would be a dull grey”blues “
A symbol of life is nature’s  way
Of enjoying the treasures we experience each day 
Colors reflected in the world all around us
Thank heaven for colors I’m glad they have found us

They  symbolize differences in the span of the earth
All aspects of variety within its vast girth
In costumes in cultures  in shapes and in sizes
A means of enrichment ieach day the sun rises 

Many years we’ve turned our back on these gifts 
Degrading their value with unthoughtful

Precious and fragile they’ll always remain 
If they are destroyed -it’s the demons 
great gain 

We’re struggling to save our great 
damaged climate 
We’re joining together to get both victories  met

Our children and their children will inherit from us 
The result of of our efforts thus winning’s a must
Excuses will lead to reckless destruction 
Of gifts from a magnificent blessed-construction 


  • Nov 01, 2019

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