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I'm upset,
The way you treated me,
I had handed you myself to do as you pleased,
You ran with that advantage,
Until I regained my strength,
Now your pleading,
Repeatedly asking me please,
Down on your knees,
You're confessing an unbelievable love,
As I stare at you,
With my legs crossed,
Sipping on this,
Bubbling shot tak,
I can began to imagine how you feel,
For I was once there,
Filled with,
Never quitting pain
That couldn't be healed,
Yet and still,
I can not connect,
I won't allow myself to grab,
A tear I can not drip,
As if my heart is speaking,
"This is a lesson she needs to feel"
Have I moved on?
Have I realized I deserve better?
Have I come to see that my type never dwelled within her?
Has my vision finally cleared to show me,
We never really had any commons?
That I made choices with my heart?
That I couldn't have been correlating with my mind?
Now her love is lost,
She's ran out of time,
Time she probably wouldn't have gotten,
Had I took a look at her soul,
Not being pursued by her mind,
Her hips,
Her lips,
Those thighs,
Her sweet tones,
Her loving moans,
What do I say in response,
To her crys for a second chance,
Down that long memorable,
For that was not of me,
I am not for her,
Happiness should be rejoiced,
Not a struggle to earn...



  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Terrific Beautifully written

    Oct 31, 2019

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