There Is Something In My Room's Corner. Read Count : 61

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Every night there is something in my room's corner.
Is he just there to scare or maybe just a warner.
Very, very cautiously I climb in my soft bed.
And I can see his big black scary abundant head.

'' Oh, no! '' I yell with eyes closed tight. '' There he is again! ''
I hope someone will come  save  my  precious life and then...
I see a white gleam in one of his big pitch black eyes.
In my throat I feel my little heart starting to rise.

I then suddenly hide my head under the blanket.
Where is the water of my fishbowl? No, he drank it.
My father snoring, is just making it a lot worse.
I think I'm gonna faint, now I really need a nurse.

He is coming, he is coming, he's coming to me!
I feel so hot as  a boiling cups of rooibos tee.
I am so afraid that my sweat's turning into steam.
Then I wake up, and I realise  it's just a dream


  • Excellent, POEM!! WELL DONE

    Oct 31, 2019

  • Nice

    Oct 31, 2019

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