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In the Mist I sit and I wonder who is the heart and who keeps me happy ? For many years I've sat silent hoping and praying praying on hopeless that one day I will be seen.
He's my president now, and I am president of is now. I will become everything he needs me to be, becoming everything I need to be in order to make him proud!
Today the white man marches marches against all that was taken from us all that was bestowed upon us and then again taken! No one knows the truth about how my rights have been taken. No one knows the truth about how I've been put down! It took one man to tell the truth about Who We Are oh, my president. I don't have to reach back in time for America to become great again it can become great again now. America can be the way that it was you blacks and Browns and yellows and finally face your fate and bow to the greatness of what it is to be a white man!
Or I can open my eyes I realize we're all the same and that if left to the eyes of the left or the right we can be imbued with sickness we can be imbued with hatred we can be imbued with self-righteousness so much so that leave us alone, and then utterly so dead! Butt I guess that's a choice of those who loves to hate! And that's a choice adults who love Nazi similarities between us! Those of us who don't even realize when they ask another human being what race they are that they're asking the worst question ever! But I could be wrong and instead of looking in the mirror I could be simply looking left or right...


  • Oct 31, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Powerful with many truths there is no Mirror we all should be looking Within ourselves

    Oct 31, 2019

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