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I began writing years ago to deal with my son’s death 
It helped me the through the the brutal 
pain when it pierced me to the depth 

As years moved on I slowly changed from victim to survivor
I slowly healed where I could feel quality returning
There will forever be pain - it will remain 
with both myself and wife
But now we see most quality has come 
back in our life

The transition in my writing has also seen a change
Now the writing varies 
From what bounces in my brain

My writing is incessant 
A literary high
I know it will continue
until the day I die

To spell it out in language 
Never my prediction 
What happened as you read this piece 
A developed writing addiction 

I never smoked or went for drugs
Coffee l can’t stand 
The only addition I’ve had till now 
Is chocolate- any brand

This new-found one’s a blessing 
Easy to understand 
To create by the thoughts that feed me 
Is more than I had planned 

The satisfaction of creation
Is a personal sensation 
The high is gratifying 
And there not much I need buying

Reading comes into play as well
To enjoy and learn from member’s writings
The  entire package is now complete 
This addition’s so exciting 

I now am “hooked “ in two ways 
It’s very plain to see
I can type and have chocolate as l create
A double high for me 


  • Oct 30, 2019

  • I'm so glad you found your equivalent to chocolate! ❤ much love

    Oct 30, 2019

  • Brownson Adatsi

    Brownson Adatsi

    Wow! i love the natural flow, the choice of words and the emotion. The title “Admission to Addiction” is another spirit work! Great piece by all standard

    Oct 31, 2019

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