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     My fellow brothers and sisters of humanity, lend me your attention for a mere minute of your busy lives—

     Are we really on this earth to work back-to-back eight-hour shifts?

     To have the productions of our blood and sweat taken?

     To live paycheck-to-paycheck while balancing a line of credit?

     To give forty years to a mortgaged existence?

     To break our backs for the system when our financial enslavement to debt will remain regardless?

     And to live strictly for the weekends? 

     Are we really on this earth to have our minds bombarded by the agenda of governments and big corporations?

     To continually have our subconscious and our decision-making process influenced by engineered information?

     To have our awareness placed within a box so we’ll remain as mere screws for the machine?

     And to constantly want to escape from the daily dependence of pharmaceuticals? 

     Also, I'm sorry to ask—Without a million in the bank account or buried in the backyard, isn’t it cruel to birth a child? 

     I only ask this because, at times, it seems as if life is given unfairly. Kids are being born to suffer and struggle—all in the name of satisfying the system. 

     Born to parents without large amounts of cash, a child only grows to repeat the same cycle that enslaves most parents—if he/she is lucky enough to dodge death or illness from absurd amounts of carcinogens in juices and foods—to work until grey and weak?

     To consume without need?

     To be told what to do and think?

     To sacrifice the spirit for material things?

     To pay absurd, irrational prices?

     And to be a slave to debt, or of being a part of the "United Slaves of America?"


     The right to raise a child correctly has been stolen from us by our artificial and destitute eco-political conditions. 

     Is it possible to regroup and reinstate our rights as human beings? 

     Or are these truly the best gifts we can leave for the future of humanity—our children?


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