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The Haunted place

     Blair Thomson, a 16 years old and one of  the most popular girls in school. While maintaining her popularity, reputation and everyday life where she lived in Canada, shortly after she found out her parents and her must move to Germany. Blair was more than devastated when she found out the news about the major move. After months of packing her life away she began fantasizing about her new home. She was still amazed her parents purchased the Eltz Castle in Germany. 

She began to read novels about the old castle she would soon to call home and in one of those books, it said that the place was haunted by the old family that lived there and it was also haunted by the knights that used to guard it.  Blair never believed in that kind of stuff. “The next morning the family arrive at the castle, they unpack all their stuff they took a tour around the castle” Blair hasn’t played the piano in years so she tried to do it once more. As her father walked behind her and he said Wow Blair I haven't heard you play in years your still good.   

 Thanks dad maybe I will play more often. That night she went to her room there she was lying in her bed,  she started to hear people talking but she knew it couldn't of been her parents because they were asleep, so she checks but they were asleep. So she went back to her room and wrote in her Journal,  “Dear Diary, I finally got to Germany to my new home, We unpacked are stuff, Oh and we had Spaghetti for dinner, Oh, I also started to play the piano again, Well I also heard people talking in my house but the scary thing is it's not my parents because they're asleep,  So I hope no one else lives here, Well goodnight dairy xoxo,Blair Thomson.”  “November 1st,2019, first day at Bavaria High school”  Okay so today is my first day of school at Bavaria. To be honest, I'm pretty nervous.

 My very first day of school was like 16 years ago. Well, I need to get ready. “Blair gets ready for school she puts her uniform on, and she gets breakfast, there's the bus, Blair got on the bus, and she was amazed with how filled the bus was so she walked all the way to the back of the bus and sat down in the only seat in the bus, Blair finally arrived at the school.” Omg this school is so big. 

    “While walking to find the front office, Blair bunked into someone”  Oh I'm truly sorry I “but before she could finish her sentence the boy she bunked into got up and interrupted her”  Oh no it's okay, You must be new here, Im Charlie Quandt and you are? Oh “giggles” Im Blair Thomson, I'm not from here Im from Canada. Oh well maybe one day I “but then a girl interrupts Charlie before he could finish his sentence”  Hi Bae! “she kisses him on the cheek, but Blair sees like sharp teeth in her mouth” Bae whos this? 

Oh this is Blair Thomson, She just moved here from Canada. Oh Hi, Im Emalee Heister. I'm the Cheer Captain, you look like you could be on the team, tryouts are tomorrow in the gym at 5:00pm, which sense your new we get out at 4:00pm. Well Bae why don't we invite her to hang out with us at lunch. Oh well if you want Blair you can come hang out with us.

Um yeah sure. Um well i need to find the office see you guys at lunch. Yeah! Yeah, the office is straight down and it's the 2nd door to the left.Thanks!

 “Charlie and Emalee leaves” “ Blair enters the office she gets her schedule, then she goes to her class” Hello class, I am Mr. Quandt. You may know me as Charlie's dad or just your English teacher. Today we have a new student joining us, Miss.Thomson will you please stand up and tell us some stuff about yourself. Oh um okay well, I'm from Canada I moved down here Um I live in the Eltz Castle. “Blair sits down and everyone looks at her” Did I say something I wasn't supposed to say?  

Oh no just no one has  ever lived in that Castle in decades. “A boy says”  Legend says its haunted by the family and the knights that used to live in the castle. “A girl says” John shut up its not real, don't believe him Blair,  He doesn't think before he speaks, Im Nelly by the way, my bff is dating Charlie. Oh okay, are you talking about Emalee? I already met her, I'm gonna tryout for cheer tomorrow.

 Yeah Emalee,  she's really nice to some people but usually she's hard on the new people. Oh well she was nice to me. “bell rings lunchtime” Um where would they be.“Blair here's her name she looked to her right it's Charlie but Emalee isn't there” Oh hey Charlie, wheres Emalee? Oh up she had to go home early she puked. 

Oh well I hope she gets better. Can I still sit with you guys? “Charlie looks at Emalee’s friends and his friends they all shook their heads yes” Yeah you can sit with us. Oh Okay. So, I heard you lived in the Eltz Castle Blair. Oh yeah, I do Charlie. 

“After lunch Blair goes to her last class, she does all her work, Bell rings school is over Blair finally gets home, She goes to the kitchen her mom and dad had left back to Canada to get more of there stuff” Huh, that's weird, I swear we got everything. “Blair hears the piano playing but then it stops, all of a sudden the doorbell rings, Blair went go see who it was”  Nelly what are you doing here? Why do you have blood all over you? You sure ask a lot of questions. “Then Blair sees a dead body behind with a knife in the body, Blair tries to shut the door but Nelly punch her in the face” “Blair wakes up sitting tide in a chair, Charlie,Nelly,John,Emalee and the other kids that were sitting at the lunch table are all standing in front of Blair”  What happen? 

Well Blair you should know to never trust the popular kids. W w w w what do you mean, I used to be one of the most popular girls in my old school. “Blair all of a sudden remembers Charlie, See Charlie is Blair oldest best friend from kindergarten” Looks like your thinking of something Blair. What are you thinking of? C C C C Charlie, I'm sorry about dating Nick, I knew you liked him. 

We were bff’s Charlie. I didn't mean to hurt you. Blair I'm sorry for this,” all of a sudden Charlie slaps Blair, Blair starts to get dizzy, She hears Charlie telling everyone to get out now or he we will expose their secrets.”  “Blair wakes up but she's in her bed with Charlie and her parents

she can hear Charlie saying how much he's missed Blair” Huh, What happen? Oh honey your awake. Look who brought you here . 

It's Charlie he said you fainted on the bus so he brought you to your room and took care of until we got home from the store. The store, but “Charlie interrupts you”  Her head must be thinking of weird stuff. Honey Charlie is going to stay with you for a month me and you dad needs to go to Russia for a business trip we know he will keep you safe. We will see you guys in a month love you Blair you too Charlie. Love you too Mrs. and Mr.  Thomson. 

Charlie you know to call me Amy. Yeah Charlie you know to call me Don. Okay. Bye mom and dad. “Charlie hears the front door shut and all of sudden he kisses Blair,But little did Blair know Charlie got turned into a vampire and he bites her neck and again she faints” “Blair wakes up with charlie fast asleep right next to her she was thirsty for BLOOD, So she runs to find something to drink but the water didn't work, all of sudden Charlie is right behind her “ Hey Baby.

 “ Blair is so confused then she looks at  her stomach and she looks at her left hand there's a ring on her ring finger she tries to take it off but it won't come off” Baby you don't remember I proposed to you  8 months ago one more month until that baby comes out. Um no ,I don't remember any of this. Come on Baby you killed your parents,Emalee,Nelly,Oh and Nick. You did it all for me and our baby. W w w w w what!!! 

That's not me thats not me I'm dreaming wake up Blair WAKE UP BLAIR. ” Blair wasn't  asleep though she was wide awake but then her water broke” AHHHHHHHH. Baby what wrong? I guess my WATER BROKE AHHHHHH. “Charlie calls the doctor” The doctor on its way okay. 

Okay. “All of a sudden Blair remembers everything that she killed those people that Charlie proposed and she's pregnant” I LOVE YOU CHARLIE!!! I LOVE YOU “ But before he finished his sentence Blair stabs herself with a stake in the chest. The end...

Or is it…


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