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I have the strength and soul of a dragon

But, one blow to the underside and I fall out of the sky

Free falling to this bottomless pit that starts with positivity but ends in desperation 

I see myself as a lemon,

I’m bright in the outside but once you cut into the real me in sour

Every day I feel as though I’ve been devoured,

Chewed up and thrown into the oblivion 

But like the god I am 

I go through the depths of hell to find my true weapon

But, how do I turn my sadness into happiness; when the doctor only gives my mother two years to live.. 

two years!


    Please save her

     Please show me how to embrace her

      How to change the look in her eyes

Because I’m hurt!

      And I wish you would give me the antidote,

To keep her above the dirt

Just for 5 minutes so I can apologize for all the pain 

And when you die mother,

When I see that last look in your eye 

I pray you have love in your final sigh

Because I will race you to heaven like the Indy 500 and deliver this message

         I love you.

You see, the only meaning in your life.

           Is to make you a better version of the old you

        Buffing our the print 

        Stripping the build up of agony

So, I’m here to show you the light at the end of the tunnel

Self encouragement is more than waking up and saying “I’m great!”

Self encouragement is and engagement;

And unbreakable bond that not even the strongest of marriages can’t shine down.

If you have depression,

Come to me 

Let me show you how I look at myself in the mirror as the most beautiful form of a flower.

You see sadness doesn’t cure cancer

                Sadness doesn’t bring back the dead

                 Sadness can’t turn my life into successes

                Sadness CAN strengthen my soul

                 Sadness CAN release the true me

                                                      The better me

                       Sadness is a curse

              But, sadness is the cure


  • Oct 30, 2019

  • Oct 30, 2019

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