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I didn’t know the father 
I knew the family 
A brother and a sister 
In high school I did see 

Michael was the wild one
Hockey was his game 
He played with fierce abandon 
Each time he gave the same 

Mary was his sister
As sweet as sweet could be
A student in my program 
Who weekly I would see

When reading today’s paper 
A name just caught my eye
Boyle sparked a recollection 
A firefighter died 

It turned out that this brave one- James
Was Michael Boyle’s dad
They both were in the “Towers”
For both it was so sad 

On 9/11 when the Towers fell
Michael met his fate 
His long-time friend and classmmate
too (David Arce)was with him to the end

James was was a survivor 
Of this horrid- devil’s plan
He worked like Michael once had played 
A dedicated man

I saw Mary one more time at Michael’s funeral 
A sweet young girl and mother now 
Her face reflecting “Hell”

It’s strange at times how we connect
As we live our separate lives 
The name Boyle brought back memories 
Of how a loving family survives

The lesson learned is much repeated -the fragility of life 
So many feel defeated when small
things cause them strife 

The things we take for granted 
Are more precious-we forget 
To appreciate our lives in full
Those are blessings we can get 


  • Oct 30, 2019

  • Nov 02, 2019

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