Keep Fighting: Chapter 5(Breath.) (The Finale) Read Count : 58

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
Doe Paw could smell the blood leaking from the den, he smiled. Knowing the little and young apprentices were dead. it was a long day of fighting anyway, he was so proud that he even thought he might become a warrior today. He then looked in the background. it was nothing. no cats, no camp, it was all a thought. a bomb started to go off. Doe Paw panicked and saw that he was not where he was supposed to be. instead, he was in this wasteland, all sad and depressing. Doe Paw kept staring at the bomb and felt the radiation. Goodbye, world. He breathed his last breath and said hello to, what seems to be the underworld. cats dragging him down by hind paws. Doe Paw squealed and looked at his hind legs, bruising up from the many claws that dragged him down to his new home. Welcome to the dark forest, Doe Paw.


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