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I’ve experienced a loss

Not brought on by death 

A friendship so deep

A part of me left

The love of a sister

That I never had

Gone in a moment 

My heart left blistered 

It’s changed me

Twisted my views

Made me wonder why I lost 

A friendship so deep, so pure 

Was it me or just another closed door 

I’ve never loved a friend like I loved you

Sometimes God has people here for a reason

Stay for a season 

And gone when the lesson is learned 

How this lesson made me grow

The pain is taking its time leaving 

Nice and slow 

I still hold the angry 

But I’ve now realized it’s grief

Because I’ve experienced a loss

That’s not brought on by death 

What can be worse than having a piece of your heart 

Wondering around this big cold world 

And you’re left feeling incomplete

A machine with a missing part

One day I’ll get over it

It won’t ache so bad

I wish you nothing, not good not bad 

No happy moments, no heartbreaking mistakes 

You carry your vendetta,

You can blame it on me

But one day your memory won’t hurt

I will walk free


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