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1. Look at me love,
I know you can see my from above.
If you forget me,
You still have the key.
When you fix your eyes on mine,
I keep in that line
I can't look away
So say you will stay
I don't want to be left alone
Because the light shown
That I was to be yours

2. I'll give you a rose
Cuz I love you loads
No need for thank you
I made them blue.
I gave you a card
Nice and hard
So that it doesn't break
So you dont cry a lake
I will always be here
Even for a beer
3. You eyes,
They light up the sky
Like stars in the night
And you're my almighty knight.
Heaven isn't always the best place
So go at a smooth pace.
Your my torch in the dark
Whilst we go through the ark
And see our world 
That we have a occurred.



  • Melissa Kent

    Melissa Kent

    Theres more coming soon so stay in touch!

    Oct 29, 2019

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