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Standing in the middle of an emotional road 
Looking at both sides of the street 
One side is filled with possible changes 
The other is abusive repeats

You say he loves you and you love him
You speak of his qualities good 
You say that his love is not just a whim
But he does not do the things that he should 

You talking about staying together 
That’s what relationships are about 
He’s left you to battle stormy weather 
With fear and continuous doubt

Your hope is that  change will occur 
And yet he still gets his way 
It’s obvious you’re still unsure 
It seems like you’re deciding to stay 

You cling to the hope of a change 
To offer a better future
 But if he always gets  what he wants
You’re already the big looser

If  children are part of the mix
It then becomes more critical 
He can’t use his immature tricks
Their life down the road -more pitiful 

You eventually have to cross to a side 
You can’t stand there and just hide
It’s time to make a decision 
When looking for the best future vision 


  • Oct 29, 2019

  • Sometimes when one finds themselves in a situation like this, they are torn and they are stuck. They know exactly what they are dealing with and though they may not be happy with the situation, they'd rather stay in that lane and endure misery rather than to start anew with unknown possibilities which can be quite scary. I have a friend who is going through this situation you wrote about and he has been indevisive on what to do. As a result, his kids are being pulled in so many different directions while he and his wife are too caught up with their own issues with each other to even notice what they're both putting their kids through. This is a very relevant piece because a lot of people are struggling with the one thing that is important - making a decision. Nice work as always, Maurice. 💜

    Oct 29, 2019

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