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I went rich middle class to poor broken on my ass

I went friends and family
To a life i never thought could be so mean
I lived in neglect but no one ever had their hand dealt in my best

I lived thru abuse from physicl to verbal and mental and surrendered my self at 11 to to God and his mercy

3 people this year
Randomly said im jesus age that died horrificly unreconizable . But never once feared her death but held onto such a dream under onerwheling to once again compress her final breath at age 9. She was chosen out of all of you to endure the pain of the world to live and for her to encapture the sin once deemed 12 years old. Noone would take the imvoluntarily context wroten upon her. Not one would. Hoever she lasts tjru the fragmemt of the world ms self righteous acts. Amen 

Yes i have very high fairh
But 3 people same story to learn
I find eery but also like its Gid way if daying his HERE and far beyond my years to love to and express to suceed in way the inhuman will never put to rest
To fall and steuggle alomst the in the same way
In jesys name i pray

Prophetic clairvoyany i already know i am bit the label shoyld be struckin for everyone can be spirtually lifted with tjeir compress...of the excuses and tears. 

Right now im chest my heart races and mind goes blank . This is when i know the Lord ar his best.
Youll see me rush and look for a pen. Despwrate write unyil yje end
A gliw of happiness surroynds me and the woyld has no faze to mind me. One goal one objevtive driven so powerful by the Holy spirts kuss. 

Paowr snd penuntil tje end
I began

From heaven up above belirve or do not shes procen herself to mire then once in this gift deamimg religious rights not yet proves
As i erite she dont for words snd lettwts jyst flit
At end shell read and once again vsludate its him.
LIRD to be God he sees upon a white clod of faith. Slowly beung arised.
Rhe world cant fave the destruction and gratirude pur in place. It must once again be erased.
And she is the one to stop what is to come. I say to ypy belueve or be true to you. For when i talk i see no justice for your sins and kin.
Im sirry today she fedls bliss. I live not like other a live beyond a kiss. Today she realuzes this hwr way. This why sje had to go tjru all tje lashes we gave. Yes we did. Trie n pure. N ahe survive to just deem more. Now focus on the words below. I will not live in a world of sin. Writers put ls my first curse to show you she is no hoax. Gather aroynd and find her next. Slowly you will see once devoted to the game. Amen. 


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