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Ounce upon a time their was four friend's at school they were just air droping some funny memes to each other but one of them air dropped to difrent class members one of the friends he was called jimmy he told the person bethore the other freind air dropped not to do it but he still did it and his iPad number was fifteen and people new that so when he air dropped to other class members they told on him and litrally 1 muinet later he told on us and really I thought at the start of the year the teacher said "you can only Air drop if the person wants you to" I tried say ing that she just interrupted me mid scentence so we stopped being friends with Jimmy. So me and my friends as into parkour so we dared each other to do legs to side over a table we sucseeded but we got cought when the last person whent the teacher saw him doing it she came over and said you three have just been messing around all day and took our ipads away  but one ove the friends always gets his iPad taken away  so his was more serious but two of the friends got their ipads back but the other one dident hi still hasent to this day just a reminder I'm elleven this is a true story and in the end thar was three friends remaining    


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