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Issues unresolved 
Do not go away 
They’re hidden deep within 
And can appear another day

When relationships get heated 
Finger pointing can begin 
Neither wants to be defeated 
They blame each other for the sin

This might be a matter of ego or insecurities 
The fear of being the looser confuses

Each one is the accuser so nothing much is gained 
If they used common sense they’d both feel quite ashamed 

Progress would quickly stagnante 
Which both would not appreciate 
Each one would have to step-back 
And stop the sratagy of an attack 

Each issue unresolved in order to be solved 
Has got to be addressed 
In spite of the distress 

If there’s still a love connection 
They have to change direction
To express their true concerns
Back to the happiness they’ll  turn

Relationships are challenging 
True love’s the great sealer
If they recognize what love can bring 
Their love can be their healer


  • Oct 26, 2019

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