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  By surprise, a realization was upon me, I was to be a prophecy. I went into with pride and trust. The people choose to be a mockery. With God's love I felt blessed,, although humanity had pain and suffering as there quest. Three years of physical and mental abuse was all it was for society. For one woman with faith and hope was abused this was a priority. I shall not cry I will stand up and fight,, I am defense, strong with attitude and a voice that's not all spite. I still await to find kindness in mankind. Am i the one who can not see or are they blind. Pleading with a diversity of people pointing at me. Why is the majority of all of them aloud to let the torture be. Know one tryst to even save a woman like me. They dont even try to do right by God or the law. No stands up or fights for gods pride instead they laugh at a fact someone broke my jaw. Raped and told that I was going to die, I still won't back down I will not lie. So cruel by a whole tristate of medical philosophy and ethics, determined to break me down to the ground. Ilord please be with me and forgive whom you can. Their lies and dignity they lost  without compromise. Is there hope for a prophecy to gain what's earned. As of now I feel pushed into  the fire and burned.  Will i receive justice for all there hate. When it comes time there will not be a debate. U.C. U,L, and IU. All colleges and hospitals wanting me to die. There is proof on cameras and there equipment. Thieves on camera and they dont try to help . They are still putting radiation and frequeny they put on me here and now. Will someone help me I ask and I ask. Will someone from this app turn them in before I have a heartache. Disappointed  by knowledge these hospitals are behind it. There proving now as I wondering please tell me why and how. Is this America land of the free. If so why are they killing me. All this is no lie, many witnesses I have. Will you call it in, so this site in behalf. No ethics or religion are seen children way and listen in fear. Please help me this my only chance to survive as I can see. Stand up for me please do my life dont devide.


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