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Out of the blackest night I was forged
And on your bodies I shall feast eat and gorge
I am a beast so fowl no one can even comprehend
And it is by my gnashing teeth that you shall meet your end
Darkness floweth from thine maw
And fire doth erupt from my fowl paws
Black are the pits for which I have for eyes
I am deaf to your weak and pitiful cries
Silent is my approach and foul is the scent
In which I leave behind 
but present is the smell of blood that follows me so entwined
Painful is the death I bring and hellish is my howl
You will hear my screams and roars and you will know me by my hungry growl
I am the hound of death and it is you I have sought
For in your greed and in your lust this is what you wrought
I am a beast of your creation now take thine knee and pray
For I have come to reap your flesh and steal away your final days.


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