''Life Is My Muse,'' By Natasha Moran (ReneeRose🌹) Part 1 Read Count : 75

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She sits in a chair in a room whose lighting is dimmed, tapping her pen on the paper and rubbing her forehead. ''I can't think straight,'' she says with frustration in her voice do to the fact that not a single thought can be produced. She's beginning to lose patience at this point.

She hasn't written in a while, which alone was enough to drive her nuts. And now that she's finally back to continue her love for writing, she's hit a bump in the road with all those ideas for something to write about rushing to her all at once.

''Why did I stop writing? What a foolish choice I've made. Constantly writing is what will help to mold me into a better writer one day.

But since I chose to stop, it's like I'm back to square one. It's bringing me back to the feelings I had when I began to write my very first poem. 

The feeling of being uncertain of whether or not I could do it; not feeling confident in my own body of work. It's bringing me back to those long, sleepless nights accompanied by a dictionary and a bottle of water, racking my brain to find the most perfect and most expressive words.

It's bringing me back to those dreadful moments of writer's block; the moments when I didn't know what to say. Those moments of feeling like I wrote about x, y, and z already and not wanting to accidentally write the same poem I wrote before over again, only this time with a different name. 

My life isn't all that exciting. It's quite simple, really. Wake up, get dressed and handle that day's particular set of responsibilities. Much like the lives of others, just that of my own. Some days my list of responsibilities is shorter than other days. When that happens I find myself lying in bed, reading, sleeping or just hanging out at home.

I guess I feel the most inspired and motivated to write when there's a noticeable change that's transpired in my life. Not just my life, but others as well. The thing about life that I find so inspiring is that it challenges us as human beings by putting us in different kinds of scenarios that give us experience and create memories for us, which then makes for good stories to tell.

Maybe my lack of experience in life is one of the factors that contribute to my struggle to find enough motivation, inspiration, and confidence to write.

Maybe if I live a little more, procrastinate and stress out a lot less, I'll be able to once again set fire to the pages in my notebook, creating stories and poems full of life and raw emotions at this desk.

After all, inspiration isn't just going to fall into one's lap. Nor will success or anything in life for that matter. You've got to go out and find it or better yet, create it yourself.

The rising sun outside her window slowly begins to add a bit more lighting to the room. She looks down and notices words scribbled onto her notebook paper and that the pen in her hand has begun to move.

She's spent hours writing and tossing papers to the side when she didn't like what she wrote. After many attempts of writing something that appealed to her, her words now are beginning to flow. 

The paper from her notebook is no longer blank. She lets out a sigh of relief and feels as though a bit of the drive she's lost to continue to write has been regained. Her mind is no longer cluttered. She can now clearly and calmly think.

''Life is my muse,'' by Natasha Moran (ReneeRose🌹) Part 1



  • Oct 03, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    I think all of us who love writing have been there🦋Me- a number of times Sometimes the words are gig -saw puzzle- shaped and the lay scattered in the box of our mind waiting to be pieced together. With patience and awareness (But frustrating ) we eventually recover and the words begin to flow again 🦋 The words are always there but sometimes play hide and seek with our creativity As I try to utilize my patience -eventually I hear in the back of my mind “We’ll be back”🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Oct 04, 2019

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