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   FIRST off let me tell you about my self. I have two older sister's. The three of us have the same mother but different fathers. I'm self employed very small painting business. But really not a business at all see i work for one person who flips houses,apartment,condo's. I'm altruistic. And i give more then I receive. Well enough about me let's get to "what it was like THROUGHOUT  my life ("some good some bad")

     It was a beautiful Saturday morning. It was a normal day like any other day. My sister's and I were outside playing. Our mom was sitting on the porch trying to get us to come eat our sandwiches and I wanted my sandwich toasted she was in the house making me another sandwich and before we knew it our mom was runing out the door and snatching us all up all at one time like she was Hercules/hulk and started running from the house she gets to the road and looks both ways and kept on going. She got us to the other side of the road next to the mailbox and set us down. She was out off breathe. We looked back at the house and it was on fire our mom was yelling out call the fire deportment to our neighbor that was outside and trying to call them her self. Our house was burnt to the ground in minutes. Way befor any help came to try to safe our house. All of our stuff was gone. All of us were crying and their was nothing we could do nowhere to go. we had nothing, no clothes but the one's on our backs. My dad was at work. After the cops,firefighters,ambulance got their and checks us all and calmed us down and called my dad he comes. He pulls up and gets out of the truck and runs to us all. All he could do is hold us and pray and cry. The next few months we were moving from apartment to apartment because of us kids played to hard and ask us to leave but eventually with all the arguments and the heartache my mom and dad split up. So us kids went with mom and went to our grandparents and stayed after almost a year and them not going to get back together and started the paperwork for divorce my mom ended up after so long getting married to our ex stepfather but anyways gets married.  Couple years later we were living in Alabama closer to his parents because they need his help around the house feed animals and sort a small farm but after a year of living their their was a bad storm that cam we were on the from porch and out of no where their was a tornado that was our next disaster we were hit that night it was dark it became silent for only a few minutes next thing that happened was the house was shacking and it sound like a train was coming from behind us we were all in the bath room and all of a sudden the roof was gone it felt like we were flying wind was blowing it was wet all of a sudden next thing I remember was standing up and looking around I didnt hear no one I yelled for my mom and no answer I kept yelling & yelling out mom finally I came across our ex stepfather he was past out from a head injury I was standing their crying because all I could see was blackness it was dark all I could do is crole around and feel because I could not see nothing I had a cut on my head and bleeding out fast I felt the blood rushing down my neck so I took my shirts off and wrapped it around my head it hurt so bad it mad me pass out. That morning I woken I looked up and seen the sun i was in a daze and start to try to get up i fell a few time and finally got myself balanced I started up calling for my mother once more after ten minutes of looking I finally found her and my sister they were gone their was nothing I could do I set down next to her and held my mother's hand and i told her i will do good for her and that I loved her. After a few days past I was taken to a childcare clinic and dropped off and never seen the ex stepfather agin a couple years later I found myself in Florida working construction never finished high school nor graduated I lived in Florida for around a year in a half then came another disaster in my life that was hurricane Michael come in on October 10 2018 now I'm homeless and nowhere to go been living inside a tent for month never had to ask for help but I here to tell my story and to see if anyone can lend me a hand please only if you can help a fellow writer who need a hand 

                            Thanks to you all who can lend a hand all donations that I receive I will donate 60% to charity thank you all





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