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Color of the day is Red.
Red, is the color I've potrayed in a multitude if prior scenario's. To me; Red portrays love, power, boldness, anger. Up until introduction to the A.A. program I was unaware of the "Seeing Red" terminology. To almost forget your present actions in reality from a rush of biting anger, and surf's of adrenaline. 
Red, the color forever inked in my left arm, the dominant side of my body.
It's strong, its loud.
Do you take the time to dissect your inner thought process, and how they correlate to actions? Is there a color you relate to who you are? 
What color is your personality(soul)?

Examining everything about self, picking it apart to make sense of what you do and how you think in your day to day. Do you reflect at the end of the day and think "Why did I act that way?" 

Words. Color. Imagery.

Essential in communication in social, and personal growth. The stocks and marketing of self represent a color, a bodily glow. Take apart who you are. Take time to find that inner vibrancy of color reflection to who you are. It's an adventure to explore yourself in uncovering it. 


  • Thought provoking piece. I love this! 💜

    Oct 04, 2019

  • Brett Wendorf

    Brett Wendorf

    thank you! i really appreciate your feedback!

    Oct 04, 2019

  • Really an interesting way of thinking. I don't think those are associations that would've occurred to me if I hadn't read this.

    Oct 05, 2019

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