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They called me crazy. They all did. But I knew something bad was coming. They all called me crazy when I installed those steel shutters on my house they called me crazy when I had that wall built around my house. My wife and child left me she called me paranoid and insane she ended up with my brother. They called me crazy when I started hoarding guns, ammo, food and water. My friends stopped hanging out with me and talking to me they called me unstable. Everyone said I needed medicine for my paranoia. I wouldnt take it though I refused to ignore these feelings. Then it happened. It started out as "riots" but the problem was these riots were in small villages and in farms. Soon those riots were in the cities and towns and before we knew it it wasnt on tv it was in the streets and coming through their doors and windows. Soon the news stopped coming and they were on our own. They were called so many things freaks, cannibals, infected. It didnt matter what they called them they were there and they were hungry. It all started with a headache then a fever then the coughing would start and soon the hunger set in and before you knew it you were one of them. It spread fast and it hit hard and before I knew it there was anarchy the government moved in and attempted to subdue the chaos but to no avail. Everybody hoped the military could handle it but they had no idea what was to come. The mutations and the changes. Soon military bases and outposts were being over run and pretty soon after they were all left on their own. The infected were changing growing smarter, stronger, faster, more agile and more dangerous. The population was at the mercy of their own chances of survival no help was coming not anymore. I could hear them banging on my steel doors begging to be let inside they begged and pleaded but I wasnt taking any chances I couldnt. I heard rumors that the infection was switching between bodily fluids and being air borne. So I couldnt take any chances with anyone. Then the banging stopped after a couple days. I am all alone now in my fortress I can hear the infected outside the walls roaring and screaming in agony. Nothing I can do for them now they are all doomed to a fate worse than death. They all called me crazy. But they were wrong.


  • I thought you could expand on word play.

    Oct 04, 2019

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