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The moonlight shined bright under the snowy, monster-infested forest.

    Warriors scattered all around the forest in order to protect the ones who dared to enter from the monsters. It had always been like so every night, but tonight... Tonight was worse than the rest.

    A bridge nearby had collapse and the many people that were standing on it had fell into the forest, exposed to the hungry and bloodthirsty monsters. The warriors knew they would never be able to save all of them but at least, they had to try and even had the opportunity to do so. The warriors were wise and noble men and women. If they get an opportunity, they will take it.

    Thomas rode his white horse through the snowy forest, sword in hand. His light brown hair, curly only at the edges, slightly flowed as his horse trotted in the dead of night. His eyes -blue with a hint of green- scanned the area, as sharp as the sword in his hand.

    He was able to hear the growling of monsters and the slashing of swords at the same time as he rode through the forest, but it seemed there wasn't a monster in his sight just yet. He picked up his pace and trotted faster, eyes and ears sharp. Though Thomas could somewhat hear the noise of his Gothic Roman Empire armour clanking, it wasn't as loud as the growls of the monsters.

    When everything had suddenly grew silent, Thomas stopped his horse to scan the area for any noise or monsters in sight. That was when a scream of a woman had echoed through the forest, followed by the sound of a monster growling loudly. Thomas instantly made his horse go as fast as it can towards the noise.

    The screams of the woman had been replaced by the cries of a baby, but the monster's growling continued.

    As soon as Thomas had made it to where he was heading, he was met with a horrific sight, but he was a fast thinker and did not waste his time. He quickly dismounted his horse, sword in hand, and slashed at the monster, leaving multiple marks on it's body. After Thomas could see the monster looking weaker, he raised his sword one last time and beheaded the dreadful creature as it's body fell onto the snowy surface of the ground.

    The crying baby noises had continued. Without taking the time to scan the monster or all of it's crimson red blood that had splattered on the snowy ground or the blood slightly staining his sword and armour, he approached the crying noises.

    The sight was something Thomas wished to erase from his mind, but at the same time, it felt calm and tender.

    The woman who had been screaming earlier was apparently a mother, but she was dead now, drenched in her own blood coming out of the large wound on her torso. Cradled in her lifeless arm, was a bundle of white cloth, somewhat stained with her blood.

    Where the cries of a baby had came from.

    Thomas dropped his sword onto the ground and kneeled down towards the corpse. She was indeed dead. Thomas, who was wearing gloves that were not too stained by blood, moved the bundle of cloth slightly aside to reveal the face of a crying baby.

    The poor little baby. He had lost his mother without having the chance to even know her. And his mother had willingly sacrificed herself so that her child might live.

    Thomas gently picked up the bundle of cloth and the baby slowly stopped his crying. His shining dark brown eyes met with Thomas' baby blue eyes.

    Getting back onto his feet, Thomas had the baby cradled up in his arms as the baby began mumbling random noises and words.

    The mother was apparently a widow.

    The baby was a lovely sight to behold but he couldn't have been older than just a few months. He continued to mumble a whole bunch of nothings. When Thomas slowly glanced at him, the baby smiled. Never had Thomas ever felt that tremendous rush of an indescribable feeling. It might have been Love or Sympathy for the poor baby, but Thomas couldn't even understand the feeling he had felt at the moment.

    He slowly began smiling softly.

    "Hush, little one." Thomas whispered. "I will protect you."


  • Oct 04, 2019

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