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I soared overhead with my pitch wings. Watching those who were bound to the ground. I laugh at them. Suddenly without warning I was struck down. "AGH why was I struck down". I looked around. There was no one. "You foul being" a voice hissed in the wind. "Wha, whom goes there" I cawd. Suddenly the sound of stone cracking, teeth knashing, came a running towards I. "You beast of foul, your creature of lies, you fiend" the voice began roaring as it came towards me. In panic and fear I began to hop and skip although behind me the voice I could still hear. "What monster befalls me" I cried fleeing. The earth began rumbling, so much so I thought the buildings would begin a crumbling. "Do you not remember my name, even in that form do I still elude you"? I lifted and glided to atop a fallen rock wall. "Great monster why do you hunt me so" I yelled in the direction I heard the voice come from. "I, your greatest enemy, that which you dispise most in this world. Do you still not know my name" the voice seethed. Hearing it get ever so closer I took to the skys once again. "Of my greatest disgusts name yourself for there is too much that I find appalling". A storm began to brew and the roaring thunder making the voice even more monstrous. With a great flah of white and sounding of the sky crackling my chest, my heart, began to ache. The pain of the aching had me plumiting as if a plane crashing towards the earth. "No I refuse to let you take my life. I know whom you are great monster" I roared. "Say my name" the voice demanded. "Never" I retorted. "Yes for I'm that which brings you the most disgust. I. Am. Love" the voiced exclaimed......

I kept flying till I found a sandy plain. I landed and looked towards where I came from and saw nothing more than a war torn land. 


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    Oct 02, 2019

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  • Love does strike you down when you least expect it

    Oct 03, 2019

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