Purple Tears April21,1991 Read Count : 73

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The picture book house was in a picture book setting 
The flowers the lawn the cars
Testimony to success and happiness 
(The American Dream)
Inside in shades of turquoise and purple 
Everything in its place  
The decor and design-obvious signs of
taste and talent
A picture bookhouse in a picturebook setting
The conversation was animated with laughter and punctuated with food
The deserts exquisite in appearance-
spectacular in taste
To the passerby- the neighbor- the jogger rounding the curve- it was merely a Sunday gathering- a party of sorts 
One could not imagine that this group of
lovely people had been called together by the dark hand of death 
In that picturebook house with the picturebook setting 
Amidst the creativity and imagination of
Janice and Phillip we’re scattered the
accoutrements of grief
The candles in various purple hues-
Lit lovingly to the memory of our kids
We stood out back in a circle of life
Singing songs together 
Bound by a commonality of love and loss in a desperate search for some 
meaning-if not answers- to go on
We walked in small groups to “Laura’s
We saw flowers and words and tears and hope and beauty and pain
Reflected in the efforts of Janic and Phillip
And in them we saw ourselves 
As I shed my silent tears-I wondered -
what a price we’ve paid to meet such marvelous people with so much strength and courage 
The rich- red Tulips we received closed almost a perfect day
In that picturebook house with the picturebook setting



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