Easy To Please Read Count : 83

Category : Poems

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Easy to please can be like a desese 
When there is no cure your life can just freeze 
You find yourself giving day after day 
To all others your pleasing or they’ll go away 
You give up your wants to fulfill a need 
The fear within you has taken control
So you can remain on their friendship role
What can easily happen you can be 
From many good friendships you think you have made
To move to get quality with relationships 
Don’t look at others who are ready to steal
Think of yourself you deserve to be first
Search for the happiness to quench this
strong thirst 
Think of the few friends you can depend on
Intstead of the phony ones -Let them be gone 
You’ll find QUANTITY in numbers is not a
true  worth
But QUALITY alone is the “salt of the “earth”


  • i can relate

    Oct 02, 2019

  • Oct 02, 2019

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