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Language can be strange
Whichever one you speak 
No matter which is yours
Is it always truth you seek 

It may be easy to disguise 
What you really feel 
If you look into the eyes
More truth may be revealed 

Words are simply said
Likes a river’s constant streaming 
Difficult to know 
The speaker’s truthful meaning

It’s difficult to hide  
A person’s true intention
But if you “listen with you eyes “
At what is being mentioned 

Facial expression and body language 
Can be excellent revealers
It is a great advantage 
If you’re trying to be a healer 

There are other ways to hear them
If the speaker has your trust
Their words may be more accurate 
Keen listening is a must

We all have our issues 
Which we prefer to hide
We’ve also heard their issues 
Placing us on the other side 

It may not be malicious 
If the purpose is protection 
By asking the key questions 
You may just find direct 

In speaking with all honesty 
If the reasons are sincere 
We can understand the action 
With no real blame to bear

This exercise in awareness 
Can clarify connections 
Words can be used on many ways 
For relationship protection 


  • Oct 02, 2019

  • Oct 02, 2019

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