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The stars, the wind , the sun and the moon 

The sand, the mud, and the soil 

The plants, the flowers, the roses, and the grass

The past, the present, the future, and the unknown all are connected into one. 

The questions, the guesses, the random answers, you, me , the world is forever tangled.

The sunset, the sunrise, the sky, and the clouds

The way we look without even looking, the way we love without saying a word 

The way you see into my eyes and you know it’s not a lie 

The way it’s a new beginning, with a sigh 

The way you correct me knowing that makes me mad 

The way you text me smart things to impress me and that actually makes me happy it keeps me calm 

When I text you, when I talk to you I feel peace, I feel happy maybe we’re not meant to be but I feel something deep something different something that lets me know you might be for me

Maybe is a feeling or maybe is a statement or maybe it is the truth

It took me a long time to notice you 

It took me long to realized 

It took me long to open my eyes and see the person that’s always been there for me 

I was afraid of falling in love but I had a dream that show me that I was going to know someone that will change the way I thought about love. You gave me a new meaning hopefully it’s you and I’m afraid if is not you 

Like apart of me won’t be the same if you’re not

Hopefully you’re the one 

When I thought I was going to lose you I got scared I don’t know why... is like I was afraid that this time, things would really be over, can this be the truth or is it just my imagination.


  • Oct 02, 2019

  • Oct 02, 2019

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