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Do not sell yourself short
You have the power 
Doesn’t matter if you’re a super sport 
Of a dainty wallflower 

We all have been given a special gift 
When you’re caught up in life and adrift
Many have never used it
A few have tried to abuse it

It’s not the super power of fantasy 
It’s no fairytale either 
Once you understand it 
You can be a “power bandit “

Since the world began 
Beasts living before man
Performance incredible feats 
Primarily to eat

When humans came along 
They too were super strong
To fight and survive 
And eat to stay alive 

Today of course these things have changed 
Conditions and bodies rearranged 
 Buried  deep it’s lied
Never really tried

It’s a reserve to try
When one think they’re going to die
For a great many it’s no mystery 
It’s been evidenced throughout history 

When your back’s against the wall
And you’re about to take death’s fall
With a will- a focus - adrenaline combined 

You can draw up strength 
You never thought you’d find  
Both mental and physical Is drawn up from the deep
And with this given power
You can make a survival leap 

This is all to show how will and desire are key 
Called upon when needed to help for you and me 

If it’s never been needed 
Be thankful for safe life
But know that you possess it
To deal with deadly strife 


  • Oct 02, 2019

  • Oct 02, 2019

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