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"If I can get some food and such I will be fine" I said. The woman nodded and started giving me suggestions for foods, all of which were really expensive. I settled for some bread since it was all I could afford. After I was done I waited for the woman to walk out of the room before I approached the elf.

"What was that all about?" I asked him. Why had he let her beat him like that? The only times I see that happen is when slaves misbehave. But Myriad Island is a no slave place right?

"My name... Is Ranuth. I am a worker here." He said seemingly very tired and pained.

"Well nice to meet you Ranuth. You know you should be heading back home by now," I look out of a window and see the sun slowly dip below the horizon.

Ranuth flinched slightly. He lifted his neck and pointed at the collar. "I cannot leave. I am a slave here."

A slave? Those stories about Myriad were all lies! What's next they're gonna' tell me that this place is warring with itself? I sigh and turn around to leave the store. "See you later Ranuth" He waves bye and I leave the store. I walk towards and inn and rent a room for the night. I laid in my bed wondering what was lies and what was true about Myriad.

I had heard from my uncle that Myriad was a beautiful place. He has that right. But a lot of his other statements are false. This place isn't full of different races. I only see humans, Excluding Ranuth.

I should free Ranuth. Slavery isn't right. Our empire outlawed slavery and allowed everyone to have freedom. Because of that we have plenty of immigrants coming over to Rhaladrden. 

I slowly drift to sleep while thinking. 

I wake up to roosters crowing. I sit up and stretch my arms. I put my armor back on, tuck my hair back and walk outside. I eat some breakfast as I look for the general store. I can't remember it's name but I can remember it's rustic and abandoned look.

I see the store and I hasten my walk and I make it into the building. Ranuth was sitting at the counter still. I shuffle towards him, he looks at me but doesn't do anything. "Hey, Ranuth." I said. He nodded towards me. A thought passed my mind: "he doesn't know my name." Right now isn't a good time to tell him. Let's get him out of this shop and then I can introduce myself.

"So Ranuth. Would you like to be free?" I whispered. I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

So, should I just ask his master to let him go? Would it be that easy? I pondered. I pretended t look at the wares on the shelves until I heard the familiar heavy footsteps.

"Excuse me Runeth! You didn't tell me we had a customer?" She readied her hand until I stopped her.

"Excuse me miss but I have a question." She looked a bit confused but otherwise she stopped and listened.

"What would it take to take Ranuth off of your hands?" I asked. Speaking like this makes me feel a little... Wrong. Its like I am talking about him like he is a pet, or an object.

"Actually..." She paused and looked at Ranuth, who tensed up.

"You can take him. He is too much for me to handle. So annoying."

Was that it? It couldn't be that easy. "That's it?"

She nodded her head. I was confused but I let it go. An awkward silence ensued as no one knew what to do next. The portly woman took out a paper and gave it to me. "Here. The slave contract. Don't let it rip or the bond will break and he will be able to run away. She smiled and went in the back room.

"So... Ready to go Ranuth?" I ripped the paper in half, crumpled it and threw it out the window. Ranuth stared at the window and stared at his neck. The collar was disappearing now. He looked... Happy. Beyond comprehension. He come over and hugged me while sobbing thank you over and over again.

Taken aback I push him away. "Your welcome" I said.

I will never understand hoe it mist feel to finally be able to do what you want again. On top of being let go that easily. I usher him out of the store and we stand outside. Everyone stared for a bit but they went about their business. Ranuth wipes his tears and asks a question.

"What did you say?" I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying but at a large mechanism in the sky, probably from gnomes?  Ranuth looked at the machine. "That is an airship" he points out.

"Made from gnomes?" I slightly jump with excitement. All of the stories and pictures of gnomes always fill me with excitement and glee. With their funny hats and their compelling personalities.

"No. Made by the elves in Quincai. Why are they flying in these lands?"

I was confused. Wondering what he meant by why they were flying around here. I was about to ask him but I saw a large glop of black goo tumble from the airship. I watch as the goo landed on the ground and formed a sort of goo monster. It ran around setting things on fire somehow, and absorbing people alive.

I grabbed Ranuth's hand and dragged him behind a large building. I pulled my sword from its case and ready it.


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