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I was looking at a map during the boat ride. The captain gave me one once I told him my problem. I heard of hints and rumors on who my father's friends were. He only had one close friend. His... apprentice. Every bit and piece of information I have gathered says that he must be on Myriad Island, like I assumed. But hew was at Great Ebbesrum. All the way north, I was going to land at Díorbhailith, all the way down south.

That... is going to be a lot of walking. I sigh and fold the map back up. I look at the stacks of letters I wrote using the parchment and ink, which I ran out of. I was amazed and occupied with all of things on the boat but I ran out of things to do fast. I take the map and walk out of my room. "Everyone is probably eating by now." I think. I walk upstairs and try to find the captain. he is at the bow looking forward at seemingly nothing.

"Captain!" I yell out. he doesn't say anything. His posture doesn't change either. I sigh and walk up to see what he is looking at. I see the faint sight of and nearby. Along with a multitude of boats heading to the port.

Once I stop looking at the sight ahead of us I tap the captains shoulder. He yelps and falls backwards and almost falls off into the water. I catch him before he does however.

"Whoo... Thank you Gen, sorry I was just admiring the sight." Once he gets on deck he turns around to stare again.

"It looks pretty that's for sure. But hey, here is your map" I try to hand him his map but he is already back in his daze. Just, now behind the steering wheel.

Wow. Okay. Guess I can keep it. I put the map in my pocket and go to get my bags. Once I am back on deck with my stuff we are already at the port. I can already tell Myriad is way different from Rhaladrden. The port is packed with people, mainly human, lugging around barrels and crates. Moving around, eating at some of the shops, or dragging around bags of fish.

I look at a shop nearby and try to make a beeline for it. I was so hungry, the ship food was either dry or stale I didn't it any of it. Try eating bread as hard as rock or dried apples. It isn't good.

I dodge everyone and finally make it to the shop. I go to order, get my food, and grab for my money. I grab nothing at all. "Where is my money?" I struggle to look for my money. I chuckle and hand back the food to the lady. She smiles and takes it back. I get out of line, hungry, and miserable.

I look around for a trade shop of some sort. I find a small pawn shop. I trade my map for Money and go back to the food shop and get myself some fresh fruits and these where moon shape pieces of bread with this brown filling. It was... extravagant. Foreign food is so good!

After I eat I take a stroll around the city. The roads cleared up slightly and I make it to the gate. I make my way out and I start following a road by the coast.

I travel, and I make my way to a cave near the road. I hear thunder boom nearby and I hightail it towers the cave while picking up sticks and branches along the way. I make it to the cave and right when I was inside the rain started pouring.

I breath hard from the running and sit down. I kay on the bag while trying to catch my breath. Once I am done I make a small fire and unroll a blanket to lay on. I lay near the campfire while trying to sleep over the thunder.

I wake up very. Very tired. I had been woken up every time the thunder crashed and I could barely get a second of sleep. I get up and stretch. I eat a small breakfast and pack up. I begin on my trip again.

I start seeing the path look more worn out as I get nearer to what seems a gate, although not stone but wooden. I was halted at the gate by two very under-equipped guards. "What is your purpose here?" Typical guard voice, although a little on edge.

"Just a travel-" I was cut off.

"That accent. Have you heard of the Voticom?" He had a spear pointed at me. I held my hands up and answered truthfully.

"No..." I said. He lowered the spear and opened the gates. I wonder, are all towns in Myriad this protective? I walked in to find a happy little village, except they were until they saw me. They all stopped what they were doing and they all got in their houses. I could tell they don't like outsiders. I slowly walked along the dirt paths and kept my eye on the villagers. Just like they were doing. I looked up at a shop and saw it was a general store.

Perfect, I didn't have any food left so this will help me out immensely! I open the store doors and it is empty. The shelves were full though. At the counter an Elven boy around my age was working at the counter with a pretty collar around his neck. he seemed sad.

I walked up and greeted myself. He freezes up and stood at attention and yelled. "Miss Miranda we have a customer!" I was taken aback a bit by the sudden yell. A large woman came into the room and glared at the boy. 

"Rinuth you know better than to yell!" She slaps him across the back of the head with a stick. He looks at the ground in pain. He replied:

"My name is Ranu-" Another stick slap. The woman stood with the stick ready to bash again but the boy stayed quiet. She calmed down and pushed him away from the counter.

"Welcome to the only general store around what can I do for you?" I stared slightly horrified from the scene that just took place.

What is this place?

To be continued...


  • Oct 01, 2019

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