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 woke up to loud banging and screams of pain. I hopped off my bed, slightly scared. I shuffled towards my doorway. The sounds are seemingly coming from my dad's room. I see splats of blood flying from the room. The next thing I see is a black figure in a cloak come down the hall. I slump down, too broken to stop the figure. He stops and turns to me. I slowly scoot away while trying to rub away my tears. He then walks casually out of the house. 

That night, I swore to myself that I would try and find that person. I would not stop until I found him again. When it was all over my aunt Junith came over to see what was wrong and saw the scene. She took me into her house and tried to comfort me.

It has been years since then. I have trained, joined the army, moved out of my aunt's house. I even became the Queen of Rhaladrden. My home country. But today is the day that I find him and make him pay for what he has done.

I sit in the waiting room near the gathering hall, prepare for the speech, and adjust my outfit. I take a deep breath and walk out onto the stage. Our town, Taneva, although it is a capital, the population is very low. I can name every single face before me. I feel a slight turn in my stomach as silence ensued. I grab a magical device on a table with a paper nearby reading "Use this to amplify your voice!" With a smily face at the end. I grab it and a sharp sounds and shuffling can be heard. 

"Sorry-," Another loud screech. Someone from the crowd says it's alright. I chuckle under my breath and I regain my composure. I begin to speak. 

"Excuse me, people of Taneva. I, Gen Lawrence the Third is resigning from the throne. I have matters to attend on the island, Myriad and because of this, I will be gone for a long, long time," I paused to maybe let some information sink in. From the faces I see I can probably tell they get the idea. So I reshape my last sentences to get it over with. 

"So I will give the throne down to the General of the army. Any objections?" No one said anything. In fact I feel a positive reaction from this. Joàn has always been a good guy. So no one objects. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have as well. Probably because everyone else didn't think this was a bad idea. 

As custom I take my crown off and gently place it on the pedestal along with the magic device. The General comes up the stairs and sits himself to the side of me. He does the custom gesture and takes the crown. He places it on his head and stands for a bit. I bow and leave the scene, going through the waiting room and out the back door.

When I was outside I sighed and laughed to myself while sinking down the now closed door. I felt so relieved after that atmosphere. Although it may not have been too custom to leave yet. But I was on a tight schedule and I know the ship is about to leave. I grabbed my bag and started down the harbor. I take a stop at the Daeunub Shrine and paid my respects. I cut my finger with the sacred dagger, and drop some blood in the stained red water. I looked as the cracks in the shrine glow red and then fade. The Shrine was always beautiful at times like this. I hear feet shuffling nearby. I turned around to see a small elf girl standing in front of me.

"Don't leave miss Gen!" She hugs my leg tightly making. I looked at her. She was Yuni, She was a runaway slave from Myriad. I pulled her off my leg and crouched near her. I paused. "I am not good at this at all. What do I do now?" I thought. I pat her head and said: "I need to leave okay?" I bounced up, and walk away a little disappointed in myself.

I heard her footsteps follow me as I walked to the docks. I sighed and stopped. The footsteps followed suit. I turned around, crouched in front of her again. Put my arms under her elbows and picked her up. "You can't come with me Yuni." I said a little frustrated.

"Why?" She asked a bit sadder now.

I looked away from her sad face and looked out at sea. "Myriad is dangerous okay? You can't come with me until your older okay?" She nodded very slowly. I put her on the ground, pat her on the head and walked to the docks.

At the docks I see a large boat with lots of people getting on. I got in the line getting ready to get on the boat. There was a guard at the stairs leading to the boat. He was looking for peoples tickets to get on the boat. The line moved slowly.

Once I got to the guard I could get a better look at him. He had a scruffy beard, large build and a bald head. He sort of reminded me of a dwarf but we haven't had one on Rhaladrden for a long time now. I look for my ticket in my pocket and show it to the guard. He nods and allows me onto the boat. 

I was lead to the lower decks and was given a room. The ship smelled nice and almost seemed, extravagant. There were carpets on the floors, each room was full of decent furniture, but the most impressive feat was that this entire boat was decked out in new technologies we haven't seen. I touched the glass and awed at the cannons around. I was even more surprised by their parchment. It was light and there was around 30 sheets each room. Each with their own ink capsule.

I spend the next few minutes messing around with everything before I feel the ship start rocking. We have started our journey.

To be Continued...


  • Oct 01, 2019

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