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Am I next


I went with naledy at hospital to check still my baby is ok after what Maxwell Didi to me luckly my baby still doing good but the doctor gave me a latter that says I must open the case of abuse. I don't think am ready to do that no not now...
" Mrs mfenyane I don't think I can do that am scared"
Naledy:" scared of what you have to report him before he killing you"
Lizzie:" but he is not killed me yet"
Naledy:" ooh your wanted him to kill you??" I look at her 
Naledy:" exactly my point he almost killed your and the baby Yaz ok if you are saying you're not ready to report him it fine but leave him"
Lizzie:" what!? Base ngiyaphi because this is the only home I have" she looked at me with eyes full of pleasure
Naledy:" I will go with you and you take your clothes and the come with me at my house "
Lizzie:'' no thanks but no thanks sis I appreciate your help but I can't move in with your and nibaningi Nani beside I don't want to your problem Maxwell will came down and we'll fix things "
Naledy:" you know I still not believe that you believe that Maxwell will change girl that man will never change ok open your eyes instead of that he will keep on beating your and force you to have a sex with him"
Lizzie:" you don't know what you are talking about"
Naledy:" ooh yes I do baby I do.. and don't tell that I didn't warn you Maxwell don't deserve women like you ... If I may ask what did he said when you told him that you're pregnant"
Lizzie:" he asked me that who's thae father and I said it's him and he said if am lying he will kill me"
Naledy:" what!?



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