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Suicide is a very disturbing concept 
You wonder if even those who pursue it 
Really want to accept 

We understand it is a cry of desperation 
pleading for help 
When reaching an untenable situation 
Apparently one feels the only solution is to kill yourself

Anyone whose had this thought 
Although some would never admit 
There is a battle fought within yourself 
A big difference between “thought” and “commit”

My sole experience facing this was with Marc’s tragic death 
Losing a child was a nightmare- the worst 
Will live with the pain till my last breath

But fortunately (if that word applies)
That desire did not last too long 
I still had a beautiful family 
I had to persevere and still be strong 

I also knew the man he was
I could hear him say to me 
“Dad you’ve got to be around- we’ll meet again in time 
I never told you what to do- this time the turn is mine”

My final consideration was if I added to the loss
To deal with one death- brutal
Another’s- at an unamaginable cost

Everyone’s situation is different as is their personality 
They face situations in different ways 
With varied realities 

There is no “pat”solution to this most 
desperate choice 
But answering their painful plea
Can help if they hear your voice 


  • Oct 01, 2019

  • Oct 01, 2019

  • Oct 02, 2019

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