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🔥 fire fire 🔥
full of desire
let me ask U Y
taste so tart
filling my heart
floating down
on a broken wing
many things
do softly sing
melancholy tunes
my heart like an
usurp'd town's bounty due
yet I love U
through & through
as an unsung hero
one that needs not, I'm squirming under UR spot
fallen 2 the ground
making no sound
trapped & oppressed
my being U possess
my life & distress
all shared the banquet
my soul takes flight
the circle Bcoms tight
N2 a suffocating ring
I try 2 cry
but I just die
U take me 2 places
I give, U take
it's not fair
Y don't U love me back
it might B good
if only U would
but the narcissist's
affair with
Me, Myself & I
has U 
no reason or room 4 me
2 fit N2
perfect personal
menage a trois


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Unique and interesting 🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Oct 18, 2019

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