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11pm not late but I should be asleep I have thing's to do tomorrow but I'm here still awake over thinking my life still I try to close my eye's and sleep and turn off the world around me
12am still have thing's to do today yet sleep the sweet darkness that is sleep will not take me to a world I will not remember
1am not a blink of my dream land only thoughts of everything I could do wrong today what i've already done wrong in my life 
2am not even tired but the figures in my mind have slowed down maybe they are getting tired they stopped mocking me and my wrong doing's but it's only going to get worse I didn't know this though 
3am wow you read all these old messages 10 times and created a million ways you fucked up that conversation and why the person you were texting probably wants out of your life 
4am god damn it!! Sleep mother fucker! Wouldn't you rather be in the warm arms of sleep living a fantacy that you can control live a life of happiness and no worries even though you know it's only go a couple hours YES!!!! I would love to sleep please let me close my eyes and shut off the world NO! Heres a bad memory
5 am that bad memory still haunting me I'll never sleep like this but I'm tired maybe.....
6am WAKES UP! Why!?!? WHY!?!?! One night I want to sleep peacefully not in physical pain cause remembering the paid from memories brings the pain back 
7am time to wake up and go on with my day I anxiety attack and pain from toxic people  
Maybe tonight my monsters will sleep..


  • K8TBeth Freidline

    K8TBeth Freidline

    i have a committee meeting N my head & all the voices speak @ once N2 a crescendo. I scream "This meeting is adjourned!" Yet no one goes nor stops speaking! I'm helpless 2 get the rest I so desperately need. I understand what U R saying. Insomnia is a bitch.

    Oct 18, 2019

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