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Once upon a time there lived a man named Corey. He was no regular man he was a caveman. He has 10 kids 5 girls in five boys .He loves his kids so much (the same)one time he went to work and this kid went with him they were at a construction site his kid a Bob junior named after his uncle fell in a hole and that hole was 10 thousand feet deep when he fell in it Cory was so scared he was so scared that he didn't know what to do so what he did was he got a rope he got all his children and he had all the children hold on including Cory pull Bob junior up Cory was so scared because they couldn't get him up they had to call the cavemen to help him get Bob up and guess what THEY DID Cory has it been so sad in his life once they got him up he was so happy so happy that he ran and gave him a hug and then Corey fell in the hole the same hole that Bob junior was in so what they had to do was get the cavemen again and the all cavemen kids and then they also got Corey out so then that night everybody that helped get Corey and Bob junior out went to go get ice cream with Corey and Bob junior they had so much fun they were telling how they got them out and they all started laughing when they went home Corey's wife wasn't there she left them a note saying I went out for food but from that night on she never came back no matter what even if she never came back they still have her in their heart one day Bobby Junior went to school and guess what he saw his mom Linda he obviously didn't know it was Linda because he was only one when she left but then Bobby Junior recognized her he was like Mommy is that you and she's like I don't know what you're talkin about I don't have any kids and Bobby jr. Was like Mami Linda it's you and she's like oh my God Bobby Junior I missed you I never knew I would be your teacher so they went on talking about everything then when Corey picks Bobby Junior up from school he was like nevermind mommy told me not to say but he thought in his head say guess what I Saw Mommy today he was so happy they have never seen him that happy in his entire life he was so happy that when he got home he looked through all the pictures compared to her and they went out to ice cream after that because Bobby jr. Pass this test Linda his mom came home what's a box of chocolate for Bobby he was so happy to see her Cory was like answer the door Bobby and then when he did Cory was like who is it and then his mom was like be quiet I was never here but it was too late Cory walked out he was like oh my God it's really you and then Linda was like or is it then all the other kids came out the oldest was Juliana she started crying when she saw her Juliana was 15 when she left now she's 21 Brenda was like you you you growed so fast and then Juliana ran to give her a hug
                     THE END!! 
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