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Being a caregiver is a calling because most people can't do it. 
If you're not patient, tolerant,  physically strong in mind and body you will not cut it
A sense of humor is imperative. 
If you can't laugh you can't live. 
That's our strong motto
A lot of people think you're just babysitting 
That couldn't be further from the truth. 
Caregivers essentially provide stability, routine,  sustenance,  commaraderie,  first aid,  companionship, leadership and stability to the life of  another human being with developmental disabilities. 
Yes we are even considered their friends especially through their eyes. 
There is a downside for your personal life. 
We work extremely hard, some more than others and we are understaffed. Its basically a lifestyle we are living because they count on you for everything and you can get attached to them and feel responsible for their health and happiness. 
Maybe that's just me and my Catholic upbringing. Or not, maybe its just who I am just trying to treat people like you want to be treated yourself. 
Maybe I'm just trying to get into heaven. Lol
Anyways,  I can't imagine doing anything else because I believe I am making a difference. Appreciated it not.  This is who I am.  A wiseacre who likes to laugh and make others laugh and hopefully happiness happens in the process. 


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